About Don Shepherd

A lifetime around horses...

don From the time I was little, I had a love for horses. Growing up in central Oregon, I spent a good deal of time working ranches and riding. Often I would see herds of wild horses off in the distance and would day dream about catching one. I wanted a horse of my own… but knew it would be some time before that happened.

I left Oregon to join the military, and after my four years in the Air Force, took a job that brought me to the East Coast. My love for horses never waned and I found myself frequenting local riding stables just to be near them. My career started with a chance encounter while talking to a farrier in a small barn in Connecticut. I became fascinated with the shoeing process and soon enrolled in horseshoeing school. Upon graduation as a certified farrier, I was fortunate to apprentice with two of New England’s finest farriers.

Hoof care became my passion but riding was a close second. During that time I was able to buy my own horse. I began riding English and learned to jump, and soon began to compete in combined training events. My experience as a competitive rider taught me many things about balance and shoeing that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. It gave me valuable insight that a farrier who doesn’t ride just wouldn’t know.

I continue my education by attending workshops, seminars and through hands-on experience. Through consulting with veterinarians, farriers, and other horse professionals, I developed a unique approach to horseshoeing that has helped hundreds of horses maintain comfort and soundness.

As time goes by, things are bound to change… My priorities have gone from more time in the saddle to spending more time with my son, and I prefer to watch eventing rather than partake in it. But with age comes wisdom, patience and happiness, and I am fortunate for everything that has brought me to this point in my life.

Now, nearly 25 years from when I started, I am more passionate about hoof care than ever. One should never stop learning… and so I continue to learn about new products, and use cutting edge techniques tempered with experience… and most importantly, I listen to my clients and do my best to provide the service you desire… making your horse the best he can be.