Mill Hollow Farm

Don Shepherd has been our farrier for a long time and I am happy with his service. I have worked with many accomplished horsemen and horses over the last 50 years. I consider my reference point astute and practiced.

I particularly excel at rehabilitating broken horses who need an educated eye to get back to competition and usefulness. Domestic horses are very dependent on us for the quality of their lives. I do not cheat them. My professionals are the best I can find.

That being said…Know that Don Shepherd is smart, experienced, ethical and intuitive. He is not afraid to try new therapies and brings a natural talent to his craft. During my career in the horse industry I have learned quality and attention to detail are very important, to trust my instincts and horses do not lie!

On behalf of my horses and me we feel privileged to be able to depend on Don.

Most Sincerely,
Joan V. Stevenson