Polo Ponies

don June 11, 2013
Immediately after buying our first horse seven years ago, we were overwhelmed with how much there was to learn about horses and horse care. It did not take long to realize what a difference it makes to have a good farrier. Our horses comfort and performance depended on it. Don Shepherd has been our farrier for six years. Don is knowledgable without being egotistical. He has listened to our concerns and made suggestions based on years of experience. All our present horses are polo ponies. We have purchased a few polo ponies from the south. Polo players sometimes fancy themselves to be farriers.
We have bought a couple of ponies with pretty scary feet. In a relatively short period of time Don was able to transform them. Don also has an appreciation for our commitment of emotion and expense, to play a very short polo season here in New England.
Whenever we have a problem, Don is there for us and helps us get to the next game. He is one of the most honest and hard working men we know. We are extremely lucky to have him as our farrier!

The Gale Family
Somers, Connecticut